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Original Neo Hair Lotion

January 29, 2022 1 min read

Original Neo Hair Lotion

Are you looking for original Neo Hair Lotion in Kuwait?

We, at www.GreenWealthKuwait.com, have got 100% Original Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion, Made in Thailand.


How can I know if your product is Genuine?

If you are buying it from us, be assured to receive 100% Original Product. There are many cheap lotions in the market, but it will not give you any results.

The most important thing to look for on the Original Neo Hair Lotion box is that it should have a Hologram Sticker with PARADISE and Green Wealth written on it. It should be shiny.

There are currently many fake products with the same packaging being circulated in the market. Even after you check above points, the oil inside the bottle might be water or perfume. STRICTLY DO NOT BUY from any other source.

Buy from us and be assured to receive the original product. Cheap products sold in local market and social media are NOT original and might result in allergy or skin problems. We are not responsible for any circumstances that may arise after purchasing it from other sources. Buy from www.GreenWealthKuwait.com and STAY SAFE. Afterall, Health is WEALTH.




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